Back-to-school Backpacks

In a little less than a month, Easton will head back to school… which means it’s about time to start back-to-school sewing! One thing I seriously contemplated making was a backpack – the ‘serious kind’ with all the pockets, latches and zippers that you see in stores this time of year. I even went so far as to ‘research’ what was currently available:



I had narrowed it down to 3: Peek-a-Boo Pattern’s Star Student Backpack (which also has a matching lunchbox for purchase),  Diedelbug’s Back to Campus Backpack (which looks the most like purchased backpacks (IMHO), and Sew Sweetness Edelweiss Backpack (the least commercial looking of the lot, but looks easy enough to sew). Simplicity 1388 almost made the cut, but I’m not sure anyone carries View B any more and View C is too puffy for a little boy to carry around.

07-backpack5In the end I started thinking about the time I would need to sew one up, the cost of materials and notions (the patterns are relatively inexpensive, but the supplies could add up!), and the possible frustrations that lie ahead (as much as I love bags and the end results after making one, I find that I wind up hating fighting the bulk while sewing) and decided that buying a new backpack didn’t seem so bad after all! Plus the bag Easton picked out (pictured on the left) is a ‘that’s so him’ print, it was on sale, and I had a reward certificate from that store that paid for it all in the end. I may break down and eventually make a  lunchbox (either using the Hungry Explorer or the Star Student Lunch Box), but last year’s had hard sides to prevent crushing the food inside and I have to admit I really liked that style the best.

So, my question is, who’s brave enough to sew their own backpacks and gear for back-to-school and which pattern did you prefer? I may take the plunge next year!