Installing Hardware

07-bbqFor me, the scariest part of a project is adding hardware. Since this part is generally reserved for the end, you’re left to make holes in your finished item before applying fasteners…. not only is it hard to purposefully puncture my project (say that 3 times real fast!), I have the constant nagging feeling that I’m going to have to start all over again because I did something wrong (made the hole too big, destroyed the hardware, ruined the fabric around the hardware, messed up the alignment of the hardware, etc).

This weekend I put the finishing touches on a large (mystery) project that required snaps. I will admit, I literally sweated putting all of them in (although this could have been because I installed them outside during the hottest part of the day), but am happy to report that they all set up the first time around! Whew! One thing I should note, rubber mallets (as seen in the photo, initially I couldn’t find our ‘regular’ one) do not hit the setting tool hard enough to flatten the┬ápost around the snap pieces.