One More Hacci

06-floral sweaterAfter finishing up my Astoria, I was left with a nice little chunk of sweater knit to use for something else. The material reminded me of the casual sweater style tops that I see in PacSun\Hollister so I decided to use what was left to recreate that look.

I started off with Jalie 3355 (a pattern that I had purchased last year, but never used because finding sweatshirt material with any amount of stretch is darn near impossible!) and eeked out just enough material for all the pieces… However, upon sewing, I discovered that while the fabric has enough stretch for the body, it’s just not stretchy enough for the neckline\sleeves\hem band. Consequently, I had to re-cut the neckline and cuffs slightly larger (thank goodness for large remnant chunks), but didn’t have enough for the hem band. Fortunately, the sweatshirt (or maybe this would be better called a sweater) rolls to the right side to create a fun, casual look.

The end result is a cute (but not nearly as glamorous looking), casual top that is definitely going to be cozy to wear this fall (I’m thinking of pairing it up with a pair of denim shorts). I can’t wait to wear it!