4th of July Tank Inspiration

06-fourthinspiration(Bear with me as I give you some backstory to this project)

Before I even received my Girl Charlee Knitfix, I decided that if I received a red stripe (and especially the blue polka dot to go with it), that I would make the top similar to the one on the right. Looking at my patterns, I didn’t have anything quite like this style (the back is a┬áracerback style that is ‘tied off’ with a matching polka dot bow) and since I didn’t want to morph two patterns together to get the look I wanted, I decided to hunt for something that was already drafted – that’s when I stumbled across the Free Spirit Tank. Not only did it have the tunic length and racerback, but it also had directions for a bow in the back too! It seemed perfect… until I did a test fit.

06-tankFor starters, the bust on the Free Spirit tank is way too tight (at first I thought that the material just didn’t have enough stretch, but after double checking it, it’s around 40% so it has to be the pattern). Pair this up with the fact that it has a lot of extra material in the midrift and you have a recipe for wonkeyness … it made a weird, large ‘pleat’ right under my bust that looked terrible. Putting it on the dressform didn’t create the same pleat, but there is definitely more material going on in the front (and not the back) that makes it look too maternity looking for my taste. While checking out the top on my dressform,┬áTaylor walked by and saw this tank, thought it was adorable, and decided to snag it. When I told her about my plans to add the pocket and bow, she said “Why would you want to ruin it?”. As a side note, the tank is also snug in the bust on Taylor, but much less so so it hangs much nicer on her.

So it looks as if the inspiration top, while cute, just isn’t going to happen. The Free Spirit Tank isn’t for me and I’m pretty sure that the fit is a bit off too.

One thought on “4th of July Tank Inspiration

  1. Jacqui

    Looks like Taylor is really benefitting from your Knit Fix. Maybe you can still create your inspiration tank with the
    Jamie Christina Maxi Dress pattern. Just extend the sides for a looser fit.

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