A Vintage Style Astoria

06-hacciThis weekend I was determined to start sewing with some of the fabrics from my Knit Fix bag. While I liked a lot of the material I received, the one that really stumped me as to what I wanted to do with it was the teal mustard floral on gray hacci sweater knit (that’s a mouthful, isn’t it?). It seems as if every month everyone gets on hacci fabric – most of which get turned into cardigans…. so I was very determined to do something other than a jacket with this one. After flipping though my patterns, I stumbled across Seamwork Magazine’s Astoria – a pattern that I hadn’t even given a second thought to because I thought I would never wear a cropped sweater. However, between the vintage feel of this fabric and the 50’s vibe of the pattern (I sort of envision this as a Jane Mansfield type sweater), I think that this would make the perfect match…..

06-astoriaAnd I was right! Actually, this turned out way cuter that what I had even envisioned. Unfortunately, I was so excited to sew this up, that I neglected to do the most important part…. do some preliminary measuring to see how this would fit me. You see, even though I am short, I am very long waisted. So while the sweater fits the model and my dressform right at the waist (or slightly above it), it falls about 2 1/2″ above my waistline on me. I’m not sure if a high waisted skirt or pants would solve the shortness issue, either. Fortunately, I have a teenage daughter who this would look fantastic on!

The fit for Taylor is still short (longer than what it falls on me, maybe only an 1″ or so too short), but she can definitely get away with showing a bit of belly before I can! Plus she really liked the finished top. In the end, I think this was a win\win with the fabric and pattern…. However, if I sew the Astoria up again, I’m definitely adding some length!

One thought on “A Vintage Style Astoria

  1. Jacqui

    Great idea! I love the hacci sweater knit I received but I think it’s too transparent for the Astoria. I have sewing ideas for my fabrics except for the juvenile hot pink/lime green blossoms. I thought about making it into undies but they wouldn’t make me happy to see them in my drawer. It will get donated.

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