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Last week I decided put myself to a test: Buy a Girl Charlee Knitfix Bag and use all the material you receive (in a ‘timely’ manor)… no stashing, no trading, no selling – even if the fabric wasn’t something that I would normally buy. I kind of thought of it as a Project Runway challenge. In fact, in my head I could hear Tim Gunn saying, “Designers. On each of your work stations is a bag filled with 6 different fabrics. Use each of these fabrics to come up with garments that will complete your collection….”. Yesterday, I received my bag. Here is what was inside (the bag itself is centered on the right):



Overall, I love what I got in this bag! I’m not sure what to do with the diamond fabric although I did see someone post on social media a ready-to-wear dress that was made from this very material and I am trying to brainstorm what to do with the gray floral hacci other than the expected cardigan. While I mull it over, I think I’ll tackle the red stripe material – I’m thinking it will make the perfect 4th of July wear!

But wait.. there’s more! Four other fabrics that I ordered finally came in this week too!



I’ve been waiting for my Happi Fabrics digital prints to arrive for ages and am excited to put them to good use. The texture of the material is a bit different than anything else I own, so I may have to think about how I’m using them in garments. I also ordered a few yards of the Sugar Skull Star Wars print ….. yes, I ordered some (not in yet) in a different colorway, but had a sudden panic that what I did buy was a woven…. so I bought different material in a stretch just in case. Something tells me that I’ll be making a lot of Star Wars gear very soon!

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