05-sheetThis week I have been working on a monster of a project. While I won’t exactly reveal what I’m working on, I will show you what I’m working with…. sheets.

This seemed like a brilliant idea at the time – it’s a great upcycle project, it’s in ‘fabric’ that you can’t buy anywhere else, there’s plenty of yardage, and the top and fitted sheet are two different themes giving me plenty of design options…. so I thought.

One thing I’ve noticed about kids sheets are that they are extremely thin. I didn’t think this would pose an issue, but it is so thin that the fabric had a tendency to almost stretch out of shape (it doesn’t really help that some areas are off-grain in their printing) so extra interfacing was definitely necessary. The other obstacle are the prints themselves – they are so large that fussy cutting was more difficult that I anticipated. In fact, it was so difficult, I spent an entire day cutting out the fabric alone (never mind all the interfacings, etc.)! The end result should be worth it though – I’m anxious to see this come┬átogether, it should be fun if it turns out like I envision!

One thought on “Sheets

  1. Beth K

    These types of sheets with licensed designs have “always” seemed ridiculously thin and virtually see-through once taken out of the packaging. I hope your project works after all the time you’re putting into it!

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