Everyone Makes Mistakes

Most of my posts are finished projects that have fun poses and nice backdrops. What doesn’t always make it to the site are the flubs. Every sewsist has their share of goofs and wadders (projects that don’t turn out, don’t fit correctly, etc. that wind up wadded up into the trash) and today I am going to share my latest:


You see, I decided to make Easton’s teacher a new bag to carry on field trips etc. I had thought using a purchased bag would be quicker than starting from scratch. My first stumbling block was the size of the embroidery vs the front of the bag. While the bag was large enough to support the design, the bag had to be split open so that it could be hooped and the extra fabric would stay free of the stitching (so I still needed to do some sewing after all). Everything seemed to be going swimmingly, until I realized….. I didn’t clear the handles away from bottom of the hoop when I started the design! With over half the embroidery already stitched out I decided that I just needed to scrap this project all together and wound up making her a Dimensional Magic necklace instead. That’s what I get for trying to rush a project and finish it last minute!

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