A Bit of Baking

taylorIt’s hard to believe, but in just 4 days, Taylor will be graduating high school. Where did the time go?

Much of this week has been spent cleaning (it took me almost an entire day to organize my sewing room – it was a disaster), getting party ‘stuff’ together, and making a few items for her open house. What kind of items you ask? Delicious cookie and cake balls\truffles!

I don’t do a ton of baking (because who needs that much sweets in the house all the time?), but I really enjoy it when I do. This time around, I whipped up the ever popular Oreo Cookie Balls and a new-to-me recipe, Cake Batter Truffles. I’m not going to lie, the Cake Batter Truffles are the bomb – they put the Oreo Cookie Balls to shame. (The photo below is the cookie balls – I forgot to snap a photo of the cake balls before I packed them away for storage).


I did make a few changes to the cake batter truffles though: I omitted the sprinkles on the inside of the dough, I used Wilton Candy melts for the coating (because there will be so much chocolate already on the dessert table, I thought an alternative would be good), and omitted the nonpareils on the outside of the truffles (I used colored sugar instead)…. those little candy beads are way too crunchy for my taste.