Saving & Sewing

05-minecraftfacesI think a lot of us go into sewing thinking that after the initial costs of buying a┬ámachine(s) and basic supplies that we’ll save money by sewing our own clothing. This may be true until you discover….. ‘custom’ print fabrics. Unlike Spoonflower, these are groups that have ’rounds’ of fabric designs┬áthat are pre-ordered, printed (generally overseas), then shipped when ready (anywhere from 5 weeks – several months from initially ordering). I’ve found that these materials run anywhere from $18-25\yard – way more than what I would typically pay for novelty knits, but honestly, I can’t help myself lately. I mean cinnamon roll fabric, Minecraft, Star Wars damask? Who could resist?

So, I may not be saving any money lately, but I can honestly say that I will be stitching up some very original garments in the near future!

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