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Linky Thursday

Transform a hula hoop and a few yards of fabric into an adorable tent.

I have a feeling, once I show my son this bi-fold wallet tutorial, he’ll have me making him one immediately.

These rag rugs bring back memories of my grandmother’s kitchen.

Have a quick trip planned? Travel in style with a new Overnight Duffel Bag.

This slouchy tee doesn’t just look comfortable, it could easily be dressed up with the right fabrics.

Make a new clutch just in time for Date Night.

Father’s Day may be a month away, but it’s never too early to start sewing. Stitch up the man in your life a pair of comfy shorts (with pockets).

Find out how easy it is to sew a skirt – this circle skirt stitches up in 20 minutes. Looking for something slightly different? Stitch up your little girl a roller skate skirt.

A fun name for a fun (women’s) skirt: Flouncy Bouncy Skirt

Practice your applique techniques while making apple and pear kitchen towels.

Is your new grad headed to college this fall? Sew them up a travel sewing kit.

The name says it all – Super Tote!

Put together a fun spa day package.  This tutorial includes instructions for sugar scrub and links to knitted poofs, washcloths, and soap savers.

Custom Print Fabrics, cont.

05-swgalaxyAs much as I wanted to try out Girl Charlee’s Knit Fix bundle, after cleaning up my sewing room this week, I realized that I have no where to put 12 more yards of fabrics (without purging or just sewing down my current stash). However, I figured I could squeeze in 2 more yards somewhere because I had to have this AWESOME Star Wars Galaxy print fabric (if you’re wanting to buy this for yourself, today is the last day for pre-orders in this colorway). Yes, I bought more custom fabric.

Several people had questions about these custom fabric groups so I thought I would post those that I know of (I understand there are several out there so I am probably missing quite a few). These are direct links to their online stores – most groups also have Facebook pages that they operate as well (most are ‘secret’ groups that require approval to join beforehand. They are ‘secret’ in an attempt to prevent design idea thefts) that discuss upcoming ’rounds’ (fabric prints), buy\sell\trading fabrics, and some even take requests for upcoming prints:

Peek-a-Boo Fabrics – not only does Peek-a-boo design patterns, they make their own custom prints too! They typically print panels (for t-shirts) with coordinating fabrics to go with the ‘theme’. Most of these fabrics tend to be designed for children in mind. However, they have done some ‘holiday’ designs that are for the whole family!

Emrose Designs – This company specializes in European prints (which are sometimes hard to find in the US), licensed custom prints, solid coordinating fabrics, and the owner’s own creations (and notions too).

KNITorious Fabric – I’m fairly new to this group, but from what I can tell most of the prints that are\have been designed would be considered ‘retro’ (e.g. Rainbow Brite), ‘geeky’ (Star Wars, Dr. Who), and just plain fun. There seems to be a little something for everyone in every round and some buys have coordinating embroidery designs for purchase as well.

Affordable Fabrics – Most prints are designed for children, but I have seen some in the past that would work for adults as well. They are also beginning to stock materials that are not custom (like WindPro) as well as bulk buying notions (like rotary cutter blades).

Teacher Gifts

05-necklacesIt’s hard to believe, but today is the last day of high school (EVER) for Taylor (she graduates next Monday). There have been several people who have been a huge part of her last 4 years and wanted to give them a small token of our thanks so I made them pendant necklaces… and of course, they are themed (you can probably tell who’s who’s by the theme – golf coach, music director, and cheer coach…. she was a cheerleader at OSU).

Once again, I found images on the internet, cut them to the washer size, Mod Podged them in place, then applied Dimensional Magic on top. Once everything is dry, I attach a jewelry bail to the back and wham, you’ve got a personalized necklace!


Cocoon Cardigan

05-cocoonOne great thing about Mother’s Day (besides the fact I don’t have to cook) is that I’m guaranteed a few hours in the sewing room. And a few hours is all the time I needed to complete my latest project – Jalie 3353 The Cocoon Coat. I had picked up this pattern last year when it came out because Taylor loves cardigans so much, but ran out of time to sew it up. Now that I’m finding myself wearing more cardigans lately, I pulled this one out to give it a try – for myself!

I wound up using a wonderfully drapey 4-way knit from Joann’s (it’s also incredibly soft). I picked this up because I loved the colors and the ‘tribal print’ had the same vibe as one the model is wearing on the pattern cover (and I really, really liked that fabric). As for sewing – this one is a BREEZE! Since there are bands around the arms and neckline, there are no seams to sew, so construction of this cardigan goes together very quickly. Plus, the fit is spot on. The end result? Fabulous. In fact, I intend on wearing this today since Mother Nature has decided that temperatures don’t need to warm up in these parts!

The Bottom Line: Another wonderful pattern from Jalie – easy construction, good instructions, and great fit makes this the perfect pattern for everyone, even beginners.

Patchwork Bear Pillow

05-bearIf you haven’t stopped by Betz White’s blog today, then you’ll definitely want to check out today’s blog post. This week I’m featured on the Sewing Collective and am showing you how to transform her Patchwork Bear Block into a coordinating (or stand alone) pillowcase slipcover!

This project features a fun, reverse applique technique, some easy applique, and should come together in about an hour. Perfect for putting the finishing touches in a baby’s room or when you need a quick gift-giving item.

Linky Thursday

Give mom something special this Mother’s Day: Create a memory pillow from a tee or button-down shirt.

These mother\daughter shorts are perfect lounging around on Mother’s Day.

Have the coolest sleeping bag at the party with this shark sleep sack (video) tutorial.

I have always been fascinated by art quilts. Learn how to take a photo and re-create it with fabric with this great article. I may have to try this over the summer.

If you love the look of coiled-rope baskets then you’ll love this tote bag tutorial – what a great look to take to the beach or pool!

I’ve been sewing a lot of Peek-a-boo patterns lately. If you’re interested in trying some out for yourself without the monetary commitment, here’s a chance to get two free kids patterns just by signing up for their newsletter.

Stay cozy on chilly nights while still looking fashionable when you stitch up this easy square top.

The most adorable pot holders you will ever make – happy campers!

Remember those ‘yep’ monsters on Sesame Street? Now you can recreate them into some awesome looking (knit) hanging bags!

I keep thinking that if I make enough car trash bags that my daughter’s vehicle will stay clean…..

If your mom loves make up, stitch her up a quick brush caddy for Mother’s Day. Already has one? Why not make a roll-up sewing supply case instead?

Skip the hoodies and put your little girl in one of these adorable circle cardigans. (This tutorial is currently sized for 18 months, but can be easily be resized).

You don’t have to do yoga to make these pants.

This Wanderlust Rucksack makes me want to strap it on and go on a summer adventure.

Last Minute Stitching

There is nothing like a bit of last minute gift making to get the heart racing in the morning…..

05-embroideryToday is Easton’s last night of religious education for the year and I wanted to give his teacher something nice to thank her for all her hard work (anyone who can keep a group of 1st graders in line deserves something, for sure!). So, I purchased this design from Embroidery Library (which was inspired by Christa Short’s cute etsy shop projects) and am stitching it onto a towel (my goal is two towels before class) before I head off to Easton’s field trip this morning…. talk about last minute!

I also have a few gifts that I would like to make for some of Taylor’s instructors\coaches that she’s had for the past 4 years that have really impacted her life – cross your fingers that I can squeeze those in as we approach the hectic ‘end of year schedule’!

Saving & Sewing

05-minecraftfacesI think a lot of us go into sewing thinking that after the initial costs of buying a machine(s) and basic supplies that we’ll save money by sewing our own clothing. This may be true until you discover….. ‘custom’ print fabrics. Unlike Spoonflower, these are groups that have ’rounds’ of fabric designs that are pre-ordered, printed (generally overseas), then shipped when ready (anywhere from 5 weeks – several months from initially ordering). I’ve found that these materials run anywhere from $18-25\yard – way more than what I would typically pay for novelty knits, but honestly, I can’t help myself lately. I mean cinnamon roll fabric, Minecraft, Star Wars damask? Who could resist?

So, I may not be saving any money lately, but I can honestly say that I will be stitching up some very original garments in the near future!

Still A Perfect Pear

PEARYesterday’s Linky Thursday and the pear shaped purse, got me to thinking how much I loved creating fruit shaped projects . About 8 years ago (and definitely my early days in pattern drafting), I set out to make a pear shaped pincushion…. about 50 trials later I actually had a workable design (the pattern can now be found in the 2007 issue of Sew New’s Holidays). Afterwards, I made dozens of these guys because they were a quick and fun sew… so guess what I have today? A new pear! I have no idea what to do with this one except it will look pretty on a shelf (I have lots of pincushions going at the moment).

Want a new fruit shaped pincushion for yourself? Since the pear shaped one is much more difficult to attain – how about the Big Apple Pincushion that I created for WeAllSew?