Birthday Briefs

04-birthdayNormally on a Thursday, I’m posting “Linky Thursday” but seeing that the morning is almost over, I thought it might be best to save all the great projects until tomorrow. You see, I was a bit distracted this morning…. this guy turned 7 (he is sporting his new Captain America hoodie with a built in mask – note to self: this is a totally cool idea, I need to figure this out and add this to my next kid hoodie project).

I did manage to finish up a project too: Jalie 3242, the boxer briefs. I have no idea why I never made this style before – not only were there only 2 pieces to this pattern, but it was an incredibly easy and fast to sew. In fact, it was such a fun sew, I made 2 pair to test out some different fabrics: one pair with 2-way stretch (the mustachio print) and one pair with 4-way. I’m anxious to see what he thinks are most comfortable, but in the mean time, I think I’m going to have to test out the briefs pattern, too! Here are the finished pairs – aren’t they adorable?