Embroidered Butterflies

04-butterfliesThe thing I love about embroidery is that you can change up the threads┬áto match your project, meet your design needs, or just play with colors. I am notoriously bad at not using the suggested thread list – sometimes it works out….. sometimes I find myself stitching out the design several times until I get the right look. Yesterday was the later (ignore placement markings, I’ve run out of the eraser for my Sewline marker), but I’m happy that I (finally) found the look I was after. Now to stitch it up on the ‘real’ project this afternoon!

NOTE: For those that are interested, the design is Urban Thread’s Flight & Dark Butterflies – Corner. Even though this is marked as ‘light stitching’, I found that it is actually quite dense in spots (at least for the smallest size), so be sure to stabilize accordingly.