Prom Gown

04-promLast week may have been the definition of ‘hectic’. Not only did we have a remodel going on, but it was also filled with appointments, meetings, and even bigger than that: Prom.

I did not make Taylor’s dress this year (but thought I would share it because I know we all appreciate seeing the dresses). There was no way I could have either found this material nor wanted to work with it – there was so much beading (the entire bodice was beaded) and so many sequins to deal with I’m sure that I would have made myself crazy sewing this dress up.  Thankfully it fit well and didn’t need alterations (although, admittedly, it could have been hemmed an inch or so) so my work for prom was limited. Now a dress for graduation (which needs to be white because of the white cap\gown) is a completely different story!


4 thoughts on “Prom Gown

  1. Carolyn

    It was so fun to follow this on Instagram! I remember when your daughter was a little girl and your son wasn’t born yet so it’s so thrilling to experience these high points in her life! Great dress!

  2. Jane

    She is beautiful! What brand is the dress? It is similar to what Annie wanted last year – and we battled that fabric!

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