Anima Shorts

04-animashortToday may be April Fools, but it’s not joke that I gave the Anima another try…. once again, I’m a bit underwhelmed.

I made a few modifications to the pattern:

  • Omitted the faux fly.
  • Decreased the width of the elastic to 1 1/4″ (the wider width is stiff and doesn’t have as much stretch).
  • Omitted the drawstring.
  • Simplified the waistband construction. You can read more about how I changed it in this post.
  • Shortened the hem by 1″. The finished hem looked a bit awkward on me.

Overall, the shorts are extremely comfy to wear and don’t look bad on (the fabric color matches my current swimsuit perfectly too, but when I put it together, there’s a lot of pattern going on there so they may never be worn together), but I may have made a whole new pattern with all the changes I made! I’m going to give the capri length one more try because I really want a pair of joggers for spring and then I may call it quits with this design.


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