3 Quick Pillows

Yesterday I mentioned that I needed a “quick project to sew”…. well, there’s nothing quicker than stitching up some coordinating pillows!


These little guys are simply 14″ squares and are meant to coordinate with the paper flower bags that I made last week. If the weather is permitting, I plan on putting these outside on our deck chairs the day of the party in hopes that outside looks as inviting as inside (I assume that more kids would rather be outside and socialize).

Now that these are stitched and filled (I still need to close up the opening – who else hates hand stitching?), I realize that I have enough material left over to make a patchy name pillow…. this is a good thing because the original one that I made for Taylor looks a bit rough these days. Onward to the next project!


2 thoughts on “3 Quick Pillows

    1. stacy Post author

      I just used quilting cottons – only because I don’t intend on keeping them there for more than a day. I have purchased some outdoor\sun resistant material in the past to make cushions\pillow and they have worked really well, though!

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