Paper Flowers

03-flowerWhew, it’s only day 2 of spring break and it’s already been full….. of sickness! No kidding, so far we’ve had it all: colds, stomach viruses, pink eye, and even a tooth extraction. Consequently, a lot of sewing has been put on hold, but we have been ‘planning’ for Taylor’s graduation party. Apparently, paper flowers are quite trendy for decorations (you can purchase them premade in craft stores, but I discovered they are pricey and are limited in sizes and colors). Consequently, I decided to give them a go by myself… and they were easy (yet a bit time consuming). Basically, I cut two strips of 2 1/2″ wide paper, folded them accordion style, glued the ends together, and pushed them into a circular shape. Then I covered them with decorative punches and hot glued it all together.



I used a bulk of the flowers to make decorative bags to be placed on tables – hopefully they will coordinate with the rest of the party decorations! Overall, they were easy to make, look pretty, and are on trend for decorations…. just time consuming to make – so don’t put making these off until the last minute!