Yoga Shorts

With the temperatures feeling a lot like spring this week, I was motivated to work on a garment that wasn’t meant to keep you warm…. so I whipped back out the yoga mom¬†pattern¬†and decided to make the shorts.


From start to finish (cutting time included), these shorts took about an hour to stitch up – they would have taken a bit less time, but the material I used for the waistband (remnant from the Navajo Print Leggings I made) was thin and ‘fiddly to work with’. But that’s not the best part. The best part is that they look (and fit) exactly like Victoria Secret’s Most-loved Yoga Shorts, but for a fraction of the cost (mine cost $5 in materials, while the VS cost $30 in stores)! With all the money I’m saving sewing these up, I can afford to buy more fabric!