High Five Hoodie

03-gunslinger backEaston has told me on several occasions that his favorite type of jacket has the ‘fur’ (sherpa) lining on the inside. Typically for boys, this means a lined hoodie. That’s why when I saw a pattern that matched his description, I had to jump on the chance to make one: In comes the High Five Hoodie. This was a project that took forever to make – not only did I have difficulty finding sweatshirting that looked boyish (and not white, I did eventually find a nice gray from Girl Charlee), once I did select something I had a booger of a time finding a ribbing\knit that would match the jacket enough to make the waistband and sleeves (earlier in the year I finally found a matching knit from Girl Charlie).

Since ‘plain’ coats are so ‘boring’, I decided to ‘spice up’ my material by adding a bit of embroidery to the back of the jacket. I wound up using the Western Steampunk Gunslinger design from Urban Threads. One thing you may notice in the photos below is that the image is not centered on the back of the jacket – I did this intentionally so that when the hood is down (I am guessing this is how he’ll be wearing it most of the time), you can still see the entire design. I figure if you spend that much time stitching out your work, everyone should be able to see it all the time!


03-hoodieAs for the sewing, a word of caution: There is a lot of bulk going on here. In fact it was so bulky that I not only broke a serger blade (alright, that may have been because I accidentally stitched over a pin that buried itself in the sherpa pile), but I had to skip all the topstitching because it never did look right. The jacket construction was also much different than what I’ve sewn before – not good, not bad, just different (although it does make for a nicely finished and lined look). The High Five Hoodie sewed up fairly quickly, I didn’t have any issues (aside from the bulk), and the instructions were clear with lots of photos to help along the way… however, I would still categorize this as an intermediate skill level pattern because of the fabrics, bulk that you’ll have to contend with, and because you’ll need to insert (and possibly shorten) a zipper. My only dislike about this pattern is that the waistband and the cuffs are so ‘tight’ that they create some puckering (you may be able to see some in the photos above). Next time I’d add a bit of length to them so that they are still snug, but not so tight that it gathers the sweatshirting.

At the moment, I can’t quite attest to the fit. I intentionally sewed a size larger than what Easton wears so that he can wear it again next year. One thing I can say, even though this is a hoodie, it feels like it has a good bit of warmth to it. I think that when we get chilly again, he’s going to get a good bit of use out of this!