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03-yogaI recently mentioned that I was set to work on a pair of yoga pants – I was a bit hesitant working on them namely because I was unsure how the fit would be, but I loved the style range (long & flare legged, capri, and shorts) and the fact that it came with an optional hidden pocket. I am so glad that I didn’t back out on this project because I have lived in this pair ever since I made them!

For this pair I decided that I would skip the pocket – doing this saved a ton of sewing time… in fact, I think I completed this pair in about 30 minutes! The fit is exactly how most yoga pants fit – snug in the thighs, flared at the bottom (I did keep mine slightly longer so if Taylor decides to borrow them they are not high-water on her), and comfortable to wear.

I am excited to give the other styles a try now. However, I do think that when I get to the capri length, I will have to make some modifications to get them to the correct fit. While the pant currently fits me well in the thighs, they start to ‘flare’ at the knee – I think this is going to make it too loose fitting for the capri style, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. In the mean time, I might have to make another pair of these just so I can throw this one in the wash!

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