110 Creations

03-notebookI couldn’t help myself. After seeing several posts\reviews\giveaways about the 110 Creations Sewist’s Notebook, I decided I had to buy one. Currently, I use a ‘standard’ notebook to jot down ideas, instructions, drawings, etc. – similar idea, but a lot less ‘pretty’.

I’ve decided that 110 Creations is perfect for personal (garment) projects that I intend to sew up during the year – it’s a good way to keep track of pattern alterations\notes that I may make while sewing up a particular pattern, keep swatches\notions organized within a project, tally project costs (you’ll find that I do this frequently on the blog – it’s always fun to see if I ‘save’ money or not), and remind me of future changes, machine settings, etc. that I may want to make for the next time around. Unfortunately, 110 Creations will not replace my other notebook (which is almost filled) entirely – while there is a section for notes, it’s definitely not long enough for me to detail the descriptions needed to write tutorials\articles.

A few features that are included which are totally fun: A pattern catalog (which is broken down into categories such as children, mens, bags, etc.) and a ‘wish list’ of fabric, patterns, notions, and tools. It will certainly be fun to look back on what I input and to see how long it takes me to fill this bad girl up!

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