Lumberjack Geneva

It seems as if I am always a month behind sewing up something from Seamwork magazine, so I thought I would try to stay on top of February’s issue by whipping up a Geneva over the weekend.

03-lumberjackI made this pair of underwear using remnants from the Manila leggings and the tricot from the Comino. I discovered that I was out of black elastic, but had just enough picot edge for the waistband and fold-over-elastic for the legs… turning this into a great scrap project! As for the fit, I think they are spot on, but when the description says that these are low-rise, they aren’t kidding. While it doesn’t look it in the photo, the finished panty is very low – so if you’re uncomfortable wearing this style, I’d suggest adding some length to the rise. Quick to sew, fun to make, and cute to wear…. I’m definitely sewing up a few more Geneva panties soon!