Monthly Archives: March 2015

Evergreen Moto

moto1Recently, I had the opportunity to test sew a fun, knit moto style jacket, The Evergreen, and now I can finally reveal the finished look to you!

If you’ve wanted to sew up this trendy look, but have shied away from the design because it looks ‘too complicated’ then you definitely need to give the Evergreen a try – it’s definitely one of the easier jackets I’ve made recently (an intermediate sewist should be able to stitch this up without difficulty)! I made mine in a white sweatshirting material – even though the label said that it had 10% stretch, I am pretty sure it didn’t have moto4any at all. However, the (finished) fit still worked for me, though – so if you have a similar issue, be sure to stick to the size that you fall in (don’t sew a smaller version!) or go up one if you don’t mind a looser look.

As for the zippers, I went with a gold metal (I fell in love with the double reversible style that I used on the front). Chances are you’ll need to shorten the length to accommodate the size you are making which is extremely easy if you have the right tools.

What’s the best part of this jacket? It comes together quickly – you could easily have a new coat to wear in a weekend! In fact, I wouldn’t mind sewing this one up again in either a fleece (if we continue with more snow), or go with a lighter-weight double knit (for spring). Either way, this was a very fun project to stitch up and the results were fabulous!


Lumberjack Geneva

It seems as if I am always a month behind sewing up something from Seamwork magazine, so I thought I would try to stay on top of February’s issue by whipping up a Geneva over the weekend.

03-lumberjackI made this pair of underwear using remnants from the Manila leggings and the tricot from the Comino. I discovered that I was out of black elastic, but had just enough picot edge for the waistband and fold-over-elastic for the legs… turning this into a great scrap project! As for the fit, I think they are spot on, but when the description says that these are low-rise, they aren’t kidding. While it doesn’t look it in the photo, the finished panty is very low – so if you’re uncomfortable wearing this style, I’d suggest adding some length to the rise. Quick to sew, fun to make, and cute to wear…. I’m definitely sewing up a few more Geneva panties soon!