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Paper Flowers

03-flowerWhew, it’s only day 2 of spring break and it’s already been full….. of sickness! No kidding, so far we’ve had it all: colds, stomach viruses, pink eye, and even a tooth extraction. Consequently, a lot of sewing has been put on hold, but we have been ‘planning’ for Taylor’s graduation party. Apparently, paper flowers are quite trendy for decorations (you can purchase them premade in craft stores, but I discovered they are pricey and are limited in sizes and colors). Consequently, I decided to give them a go by myself… and they were easy (yet a bit time consuming). Basically, I cut two strips of 2 1/2″ wide paper, folded them accordion style, glued the ends together, and pushed them into a circular shape. Then I covered them with decorative punches and hot glued it all together.



I used a bulk of the flowers to make decorative bags to be placed on tables – hopefully they will coordinate with the rest of the party decorations! Overall, they were easy to make, look pretty, and are on trend for decorations…. just time consuming to make – so don’t put making these off until the last minute!

Yoga Crop

03-yogacapriI’ll be the first to admit, the photo on the right isn’t that exciting… But what is exciting is that I made another pair of yoga pants (I’m going to live in these things)! This time around I made the capri version.

I went around and around in my mind as to how I wanted the legs to fit – a lot of the yoga pants that I see in stores labeled, “capris” have a tapered\fitted leg which is what I thought I wanted. However after doing some quick fitting\pinning I decided I all the extra material I was intending on taking out made strange ‘pulls’ in the pants so I just took 2 1/2″ off the bottom (they were way too long on me to be considered capri length) and hemmed. I’m not sure I like this version as much as the full length or the shorts, but they are definitely comfortable and perfect to wear in the weather we’ve been having. Now if I could just find some different colors I’d make more…..

Yoga Shorts

With the temperatures feeling a lot like spring this week, I was motivated to work on a garment that wasn’t meant to keep you warm…. so I whipped back out the yoga mom pattern and decided to make the shorts.


From start to finish (cutting time included), these shorts took about an hour to stitch up – they would have taken a bit less time, but the material I used for the waistband (remnant from the Navajo Print Leggings I made) was thin and ‘fiddly to work with’. But that’s not the best part. The best part is that they look (and fit) exactly like Victoria Secret’s Most-loved Yoga Shorts, but for a fraction of the cost (mine cost $5 in materials, while the VS cost $30 in stores)! With all the money I’m saving sewing these up, I can afford to buy more fabric!

Linky Thursday

Keeping the kids busy at meal time can be challenging. Keeping them occupied can be so much easier with a chalkboard placemat. This version has a thin binding and large pocket, while my tutorial has a wide boarder and built in pocket.

Without a doubt, these are probably the coolest floor pillows\cushions I have seen – perfect for reading corners or a library: Giant Quilted Book Cushions.

This Floppy Bunny may be my favorite so far of the season (It reminds me of a Wee Wonderfuls design).

A t-shirt you can live in: The Slouchy Tee.

Love totes, but can’t ever find anything in them? This Easy DIY Pocket Tote is the perfect solution – everything will have a place!

Because boys can never have enough t-shirts….

A pretty way to stash you stuff: A jumbo storage tote (I could use about 10 of these).

Wear some of the most comfortable pants around (plus it makes me feel ‘sporty’ when I put them on) – yoga pants.

Who needs Easter baskets when you can give cute, bunny face bags instead?

There’s no sewing involved (unless you want to stitch up your own shirt), but this is a great tutorial on creating a shamrock tee so you don’t get pinched on St. Patty’s Day!

With the days getting warmer, you’ll want to skip cooking with the over for hours. Now you can make perfect potatoes in the microwave with one of these easy potato bags (they would make a fun gift if you use some of this potato fabric).

No need to go out and buy supplies for an Easter basket stuffie. Just recycle a shirt and make a bunny instead.

Before you know it, summer will be here and you’ll want a new cover up to wear to the pool\beach. This pompom version looks fun and easy to make.

Most kids love ‘tiny toys’. This year hide those little gems inside a secret pocket Easter Egg.

Need something free to make other than a tee? This draped blouse not only dresses you up, but will be flattering on almost everyone (you will need to translate the page – word of warning: it won’t translate well because I’m pretty sure “effect of smell” doesn’t fit in the title well).

Skip the shorts and make a cute skirt for your little girl with this easy Boardwalk Skirt pattern and stitch up a simple T-shirt dress.

High Five Hoodie

03-gunslinger backEaston has told me on several occasions that his favorite type of jacket has the ‘fur’ (sherpa) lining on the inside. Typically for boys, this means a lined hoodie. That’s why when I saw a pattern that matched his description, I had to jump on the chance to make one: In comes the High Five Hoodie. This was a project that took forever to make – not only did I have difficulty finding sweatshirting that looked boyish (and not white, I did eventually find a nice gray from Girl Charlee), once I did select something I had a booger of a time finding a ribbing\knit that would match the jacket enough to make the waistband and sleeves (earlier in the year I finally found a matching knit from Girl Charlie).

Since ‘plain’ coats are so ‘boring’, I decided to ‘spice up’ my material by adding a bit of embroidery to the back of the jacket. I wound up using the Western Steampunk Gunslinger design from Urban Threads. One thing you may notice in the photos below is that the image is not centered on the back of the jacket – I did this intentionally so that when the hood is down (I am guessing this is how he’ll be wearing it most of the time), you can still see the entire design. I figure if you spend that much time stitching out your work, everyone should be able to see it all the time!


03-hoodieAs for the sewing, a word of caution: There is a lot of bulk going on here. In fact it was so bulky that I not only broke a serger blade (alright, that may have been because I accidentally stitched over a pin that buried itself in the sherpa pile), but I had to skip all the topstitching because it never did look right. The jacket construction was also much different than what I’ve sewn before – not good, not bad, just different (although it does make for a nicely finished and lined look). The High Five Hoodie sewed up fairly quickly, I didn’t have any issues (aside from the bulk), and the instructions were clear with lots of photos to help along the way… however, I would still categorize this as an intermediate skill level pattern because of the fabrics, bulk that you’ll have to contend with, and because you’ll need to insert (and possibly shorten) a zipper. My only dislike about this pattern is that the waistband and the cuffs are so ‘tight’ that they create some puckering (you may be able to see some in the photos above). Next time I’d add a bit of length to them so that they are still snug, but not so tight that it gathers the sweatshirting.

At the moment, I can’t quite attest to the fit. I intentionally sewed a size larger than what Easton wears so that he can wear it again next year. One thing I can say, even though this is a hoodie, it feels like it has a good bit of warmth to it. I think that when we get chilly again, he’s going to get a good bit of use out of this!

On The Sewing Table

Wayyyy back in September I bought the Hampton Hoodie – because I can’t resist a cute hoodie style shirt. As other projects came along, it just sat on my sewing table, waiting for the right fabric….. now I think I’m ready to stitch it up! Since spring has already sprung here (at least for the moment – 75 degrees here today, folks!), I’ve opted for a bight colored print and short sleeves. The details for this project are below:

Pattern: Hampton Hoodie by Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop

Fabric: Neon Orange and Gray Multi Stripe Cotton Jersey from Girl Charlee

Total Cost:

Pattern….. $8.50
Fabric……. $12.00
Notions…. stash

Total $20.50

Yoga Mom

03-yogaI recently mentioned that I was set to work on a pair of yoga pants – I was a bit hesitant working on them namely because I was unsure how the fit would be, but I loved the style range (long & flare legged, capri, and shorts) and the fact that it came with an optional hidden pocket. I am so glad that I didn’t back out on this project because I have lived in this pair ever since I made them!

For this pair I decided that I would skip the pocket – doing this saved a ton of sewing time… in fact, I think I completed this pair in about 30 minutes! The fit is exactly how most yoga pants fit – snug in the thighs, flared at the bottom (I did keep mine slightly longer so if Taylor decides to borrow them they are not high-water on her), and comfortable to wear.

I am excited to give the other styles a try now. However, I do think that when I get to the capri length, I will have to make some modifications to get them to the correct fit. While the pant currently fits me well in the thighs, they start to ‘flare’ at the knee – I think this is going to make it too loose fitting for the capri style, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. In the mean time, I might have to make another pair of these just so I can throw this one in the wash!

110 Creations

03-notebookI couldn’t help myself. After seeing several posts\reviews\giveaways about the 110 Creations Sewist’s Notebook, I decided I had to buy one. Currently, I use a ‘standard’ notebook to jot down ideas, instructions, drawings, etc. – similar idea, but a lot less ‘pretty’.

I’ve decided that 110 Creations is perfect for personal (garment) projects that I intend to sew up during the year – it’s a good way to keep track of pattern alterations\notes that I may make while sewing up a particular pattern, keep swatches\notions organized within a project, tally project costs (you’ll find that I do this frequently on the blog – it’s always fun to see if I ‘save’ money or not), and remind me of future changes, machine settings, etc. that I may want to make for the next time around. Unfortunately, 110 Creations will not replace my other notebook (which is almost filled) entirely – while there is a section for notes, it’s definitely not long enough for me to detail the descriptions needed to write tutorials\articles.

A few features that are included which are totally fun: A pattern catalog (which is broken down into categories such as children, mens, bags, etc.) and a ‘wish list’ of fabric, patterns, notions, and tools. It will certainly be fun to look back on what I input and to see how long it takes me to fill this bad girl up!

Linky Thursday

This campervan pincushion is so adorable, you won’t want to stick your pins into it!

Finally, a cute pair of joggers (slim sweatpants) for boys… and with pockets too!

Keep your sunglasses scratch free with a new Sunnies Case (I love how such an interesting pattern shape is transformed into a great looking case).

I don’t make a lot of quilts, but this Hipster Cat is making me think I need to sew one up soon.

Love hexies? Looking for a new way to use them and get ready for Easter? Learn how to do both with this English Paper Pieced Bunny template.

Eventually the snow will melt and it will be time to crack out the bikes. Get a jump start on spring and sew up a bike messenger bag for your little explorer.

Finally, a tunic that works for boys and girls! Quick, grab yours now because it’s only available for 1 week!

Soak up the sun with this adorable little girl’s romper. Can I get this one in my size too?

Your floor will be clutter free when you make an pretty bedside organizer. I wonder if I make enough of these if it would keep my teen’s room clean?

Not only are they comfy, but great to wear under skirt and tunics…. make your little girl a pair of leggings – this pattern fits 18 months – 12 years!

A great way to showcase some of the decorative stitches your machine can create and use some fun notions: Belted Cross-body bag. Looking for something a bit smaller? Check out this simple fold over clutch (with removable straps).

Cute bunny plush always make good basket stuffers.

A cleaver upcycle project for a snow skirt using an old winter jacket.

Sewing Collective


sewing collectiveIf you follow me on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) you may have already seen the news… I am part of the Betz White Sewing Collective! I’ll be joining a talented group of sewing bloggers as we make some of our favorite projects from Betz’s books and patterns. Every Friday you’ll be able to see what new twist, technique, or tip we have for working with the pattern of the week – starting this Friday! I can’t wait to share with you what I’ve been working on!