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Thinking of Summer

03-hookSpring is in the air today which means it’s time for some (secret) summer sewing! This fun little project will eventually appear as a tutorial for Bernina’s WeAllSew – it features fun hardware and ‘interesting’ fabrics for a ‘splashing good time’. I can’t wait until it’s live to show you more!

In the mean time, I’ve decided to revisit the Anima Pant – as much as I didn’t care for the overall pattern, I’ve seen some great Hudson Pants recently (in fact I almost bought it, but realized that it’s basically the same pattern, but the Anima has more ‘options’. Plus I didn’t have to buy anything!). Because I thought I had completely scrapped this project, I have to reprint the whole thing (who else hates taping PDFs?), but I believe I’m going to just try the shorts first, making note of the (proposed) changes from last time, and use some of the french terry that I received in my Girl Charlee bundle…. then move on to making a french terry capri length version if all goes well.

T is for…

Last week I made 3 quick pillows – a project that was instant gratification and would help decorate for an upcoming party. Since I had a sizable amount of scraps, I decided to put them to good use by making (another) Personalized Name Pillow.


I’ve made this project a handful of times and have thoroughly enjoyed stitching it up every time. The only modification that I’ve made to the pattern is increasing the boarder width (I cut it 3″ wide) – I felt like the original size gets lost when you start stuffing (probably because I like to super-stuff my pillows to make them very firm). Now, what else can  I sew up for the party before it gets here?

Hampton Stripe

03-hhoodieSpring has finally arrived (well, almost, you wouldn’t know it today), so it’s time to focus in on projects that aren’t made with sweater knits or have long sleeves! Consequently, I thought I had better get moving on the Hampton Hoodie project so that it doesn’t sit there for several more months before it is finally finished.

I will not lie, this shirt was a booger to work on. While I love the stripe material, it’s one of those ‘thin roll to the right side of the fabric’ types that causes lots of headaches… plus it’s a stripe so there’s the whole fabric matching issue as well. The placket is another tricky aspect of this top – I highly recommend clipping the corners of your shirt to the stay stitching to help prevent puckers\make a clean ‘v-shape’ and basting the banding to your shirt before you sew this area as well. Once you get past this point, it’s smooth sailing, though!

The fit is a bit more snug that what I had anticipated, so if you’re looking for a more ‘relaxed fit’ or you’ve chosen a slightly more bulky material than a jersey, I’d suggest going up one size. Overall, I’m pleased with the end results, but I’m not jumping into making another version for awhile (although I think this would make a fun summer dress or swim cover-up if lengthened).



Linky Thursday

Make your buffet even more special with these festive Easter napkins. Then get baby ready with one of these spring\Easter bibs.

You know what screams ‘cute’? Baby Blazers.

iKat bag consistently has some of the most fun plush items – this time around it’s an adorable raccoon.

Make yourself a new bag for the gym or just a weekend get away with this Cargo Duffle pattern.

If you love to coordinate your family’s look for the holidays then you’ll definitely want to think about making bow ties for dad, for teens, and for little boys!

You know what holds more than a basket? A backpack! Make you little one a cute bunny themed backpack this holiday – they can even use this one after Easter!

Those cute, cross-over tops little girls wear aren’t just for little girls any more! Learn how to make you own version for adults and teens.

You know those GIANT IKEA bags they have in the store? Learn how to make your own (prettier, oilcloth) version here.

Who says grown-up can’t have Easter baskets too? This one is a beautiful version, perfect for adults (you’ll want to translate the page).

Show your love for Chinese cuisine when you carry a whimiscal take-out wristlet.


3 Quick Pillows

Yesterday I mentioned that I needed a “quick project to sew”…. well, there’s nothing quicker than stitching up some coordinating pillows!


These little guys are simply 14″ squares and are meant to coordinate with the paper flower bags that I made last week. If the weather is permitting, I plan on putting these outside on our deck chairs the day of the party in hopes that outside looks as inviting as inside (I assume that more kids would rather be outside and socialize).

Now that these are stitched and filled (I still need to close up the opening – who else hates hand stitching?), I realize that I have enough material left over to make a patchy name pillow…. this is a good thing because the original one that I made for Taylor looks a bit rough these days. Onward to the next project!


Not Quite A Hoodie

03-hoodie1Taylor and Easton were on spring break last week – a week filled with colds, a stomach bug, horrendous allergies, pink eye, doctor’s appointments (for said illnesses), a tooth extraction (for a baby tooth that would never fall out), basketball games, and meetings for college….. needless to say, I really didn’t sew much. Needless to say, the Hampton Hoodie project looks about like this (photo on the left). Boo.

I’m looking for something a bit more instant gratification (like done in a few hours), so I may put this aside and work on something else this afternoon…. I have so many projects on cue that it probably would be hard to find one that might fit the bill!

What is on your sewing table this afternoon?

My Work Space

If you’re like me, you love to see people’s creative spaces – it’s fun to glimpse into where everyone spends their free time, how they decorate, and come up with storage ideas. Ever wondered where I work and play? Well, here’s your chance – my area was featured in Cut Out & Keeps sewing room tour!



Not only will you see my space at it’s cleanest, but I will reveal my entire room…. yes, even the hideous condition of my fabric stash (it may not look it, but I actually know where everything is in there). So stop by and take a look and if you have any hints for a more organized space, be sure to let me know – I’m always up for ideas!

The Little Flyer Cap

flyer1Earlier this month I had mentioned that I had joined the Sewing Collective –  group of sewing bloggers that stitch some of our favorite projects from Betz White‘s books and patterns and show how we put our own spin on them. Guess what? Today my first post is live!

Be sure to check out my project, The Little Flyer Cap on Betz’ blog this morning. This hat was a special request from my son who wanted new headgear to wear when he out and played in the snow. Not only was I able to make Easton something that kept him warm and toasty, but this project came together in under 2 hours! Plus I had one thrilled kid when I handed his new hat over to him (he even wore it inside until it was time to go out).


Linky Thursday

Don’t forget to enter to win a copy of The Paper Pieced Home. A fun way to bring a bit of patchwork into every room!

I am in awe of these beautiful fabric purse handles – I may have to try making them for myself the next time I sew a purse.

The cutest, fluffiest Easter skirt you’ll want your little girl to wear.

Mix and match your denim to make an essential denim dress.

I’ve been seeing lots of jumpsuits in stores lately and I’m tempted to buy one…. but who wants to buy one when you can stitch it up yourself? This tutorial morphs two patterns to make your own.

Ever wondered what my sewing room looks like, clean? Here’s a peek into where I work (more on this next week).

Making vests cool to wear when it’s not time to dress up – The Punk Vest for boys (if your child is not a size 5, you’ll need to resize this pattern).

This isn’t any ordinary cosmetic bag. This one has an attachment for your brushes too!

Looking for a great gift card holder? This little pouch is the perfect ‘bag’. Looking for something that sews a little faster? It can’t get any quicker than these 5-minute gift card holders!

On spring break? Looking for a new bag to bring back to work\school? This Foldover Tote can carry all your essentials and then some.

If you love Tula Pink’s new line of fabrics, then you’ll definitely want to put them to good use with this free tote pattern.

Want to cover your shoulders a bit more when wearing your new spring dress? Try sewing a pretty lace bolo.

These sweet little fabric Easter baskets are perfect for stashing candy, but would make a great storage container after your done too.

I have always loved Topsy Turvy dolls (who wouldn’t love two dolls in one?) – Learn how to make one here.

Paper Pieced Home Giveaway

03-bookSeveral years ago I decided to expand my sewing horizon and learned paper piecing. I had long admired this technique because, unlike some applique, I produces beautiful images but with finished edges. While they look complicated, they’re actually quite easy to sew and the results can be quite dramatic. That’s why when I was asked if I would be interested in reviewing The Paper-Pieced Home, I jumped at the chance. This book features 40 paper pieced blocks  (everything from kitschy Chinese takeout containers to retro Viewfinder Toys and dresses) and 10 inspiration projects that you can use them on including a gardening apron, grocery tote, and bath mat. The CD in the back of the book contains the template patterns necessary – so there’s no photocopying necessary!

But what if you don’t know how to paper piece, yet? No worries! There’s a section in the book just for you that covers the necessary supplies, how to read the pattern, cut and sew the fabrics together, and trim and finish the blocks. There’s even a section on how to ‘fussy cut’ fabrics so you can get the design elements you want, where you want them. Also included are tips on embroidery sitches, how to add a finished applique pieces, rubber stamping, and more. It’s a fun way to add personal touches to your favorite projects or gifts for others. I know that I intend on refreshing my memory on this technique and trying a few myself very soon.

What to try out some of these fabulous projects for yourself? Why not try to win a copy of this book? Just enter the Rafflecopter contest below. I’ll chose a winner, Monday, March 23. This contest is only open to US residents (I’ll be sure to run one open to International entrants soon). Good luck!

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