Buffalo Plaid Manila

02-manilaEven though I’m a bit slow to sew the patterns from each issue, I have to admit, I have loved Seamwork Magazine so far. My most recent project? The Manila leggings. This adorable pair of comfy pants has a pretty tulip edge cuff that sets it apart from anything else in my wardrobe. It was easy to sew and I whipped this pair up in about an hour…. Unfortunately, they are not the most comfortable pair of leggings I own – the buffalo plaid material┬áhad the bare minimum of stretch required (you need to have a 4-way stretch fabric) so they feel more snug than what I’m used to. Plus the plaid is difficult to keep straight when you’re wearing the leggings and that drives me crazy. Consequently, this pair of pants may never be worn outside my house and the next pair I make will be a solid (or a not so defined print)!