A Second Oslo

02-oslo2It seems as if there is no end in sight to winter so it only makes sense to continue sewing for the season. My latest project is a second Oslo cardigan (you can see my original version here).

This time around I used a Charcoal & Teal Cotton Wool Hacci Sweater Knit from Girl Charlee. After receiving it, I noticed that the teal is only visible from the right side of the fabric – since I was pretty sure that I would never find anything that would ever match it, I decided to use the ‘wrong’ side of the material… not only was it ‘fuzzier’ and more sweater-like, it is predominately gray\black so I know I have plenty that would go with it. Unfortunately, the end result isn’t as stellar as my first Oslo – in fact, I sort of look like I should be cat hoarder when I wear it. … it’s just sort of dowdy on me. I’m definitely going to have to find something to go with it that will perk this style up some.

I also made several ‘mistakes’ when sewing this pattern: My first suggestion? NEVER CUT FABRIC WHEN YOU ARE ENGROSSED IN A TELEVISION PROGRAM. I wound up cutting the collar with the stretch going the wrong way. Fortunately that was the best piece to cut incorrectly because it really doesn’t effect the wearability of the garment (the rest of the pieces have plenty of stretch) and because I had enough material to work with to cut the rest of the jacket. Secondly, I had the intention of folding up the hem of the collar to make a professional looking edge, but was so concerned about the collar piece fitting correctly because I cut it wrong that I completely forgot….. so instead of having a smooth, finished edge, I opted to fold up the hem. It works because the material is so fluffy that the fabric and stitches just sink in and isn’t that noticeable. At least everything panned out well in the end!