Mani-Pedi Pouch

02-bike bagNo, your eyes are not deceiving you – things do look a bit different around here! We changed servers over the weekend and have managed to move all the content from the previous site over, but none of the logos, etc. have been added. But, I’m sure you don’t want to hear all about that, I’m sure you want to see…. projects!

Since Valentine’s Day is over, I can finally show you what I worked on… but first, check out this cute little bag my daughter made (in sewing class) this week. She enjoyed sewing this one up (and found it quick and easy, too) so she made a second one for Easton. Unfortunately I don’t have a link for the tutorial, but I love the idea of these little treat bags.

02-polish2As for me, I made¬†Taylor a Snappy Mani Pouch. Since she has decided that she will be going to WSU next year for college, I decided to make it “Shocker” themed. Unfortunately, unlike other Kansas schools, Wichita State doesn’t have it’s own material (I’m guessing because no one quite knows what a WuShock really is (and frankly, he’s kind of scary looking), so I opted for a gold\black color scheme and found a fun print with Kansas cities printed all over it.

This was my third time sewing¬†this particular project and every time I make it, I love it more. The only down 02-polish1side? If you opt to buy fat quarters, you’re going to have a lot of left-over material from it – not quite enough to do much with other than make a few more of these bags….. maybe that’s my excuse to make one for myself!