Weekend Projects

02-robotValentine’s Day is a few days away which means that part of this weekend was spend doing a few crafts (for school). First up, Easton’s Valentine’s ‘mail’ box. I can’t take too much credit for the robot idea, it was a ‘kit’ that came from Michael‘s. I thought that buying something that had most of the materials together was both easier and less expensive…. I was wrong about the easier part!

Even though this is labeled for 6+, expect that you’ll need a lot of adult assistance. Included in the kit are lots of boxes to fold and glue together (and let’s not talk about how difficult it was t get the legs into the holds of the body and heart) – consequently, I wound up building much of the body parts and Easton did a lot of the embellishing, etc. One thing I did discover: Elmer’s Xtreme Glue Sticks are AWESOME!  It worked well with the slick surface of the paper (it is also supposed to work on foam too) and it seemed to dry faster than regular glue sticks. If you ever have a kids craft project to work on, I definitely recommend giving trying it out.

02-tiedyeWe also took advantage of the beautiful weekend weather we had and did a bit of tie dye. Clearly we need a bit more practice because some of our shirts have way too much white left on them. I think the best of the bunch belonged to Easton who just ‘went to town’ on the pigments and the scrap of fabric (at the top of the photo) that I decided to color just to use up the rest of the dye bottles. The moral of the story? If you ever decide to tie dye, don’t be afraid to really saturate you shirtsfabric. Apparently the idea of ‘less is more’ does not apply here!