Big Embroidery

02-embroideryThe other day I worked on one of the largest, most detailed, and time consuming machine embroidery projects thus far. When I loaded it onto the machine I was very surprised to see that it would be just a hair shy of 4 hours stitching time (and with 33 color changes and several bobbin changes and the machine cranked up to full speed).

The end result? Stunning. While I am overly impatient waiting for the design to come to life (I tend to make a lot of thread substitutions either because I don’t have the same color on hand or because I am wanting some colors to match other elementsfabrics of the project so I am always anxious to see how it comes together in the end), it was well worth the wait. Now, I can’t wait to put it to use in an upcoming article that I am developing! What’s the largestmost time consuming machine embroidery design that you’ve worked on?