Sewing Fail

01-oopsThey say, “the third time’s the charm”… and in the case of the lining I’m working on this week (more on that project next week), I’m hoping this saying rings true. Yes, your guess is correct, I’ve made a lining to a dress twice already and managed to screw it up both times.

The first lining was beautifully constructed, the seams were finished, and everything lined up perfectly…. it was only then that I discovered I cut it wrong. After a trip back to the fabric store, I arrived with more material, cut it the “correct way”, and then chewed it up with my serger (finishing the seams) when a piece flopped in the way of the blade (photo on the right). I resisted cutting and sewing a third lining yesterday because I don’t believe in sewing angryfrustrated because it only causes more mistakes.

The moral of the story? We all make mistakes and there’s always more fabric so get out there and sew! Now, it’s back into the sewing room with a bright outlook on the day. Hopefully, today runs much smoother! What’s on your sewing table this week?