Our family lost a very wonderful woman this week with the passing of Bret’s grandmother. As we prepared to return home for services, I decided that I needed something new to wear as I’ve worn the same dress on several other occasions. I spent the day looking for something appropriate…. only to come home empty handed. While I realize that in the retail world, it’s almost spring, finding clothing that is appropriate and has sleeves is almost next to impossible.

Oddly enough when I returned home, I saw someone post an article that appeared in The Wall Street Journal last week on How Dresses Lost Their Sleeves. Basically what it comes down to is that designers are lazy (it’s too ‘hard’ to add a sleeve) and say that consumers opt for comfort (I suppose that is why designers believe we should be wearing pajamas for formal wear?) over ‘constrictive clothing’…. Apparently sleeves have become too constrictive? Psshhh.

Sadly, the time I spent shopping could have been spent working on something appropriate to wear that fits well and has sleeves. Lesson learned.

Edited to add: While on my mini-rant, I neglected to point out that while men get sleeves in their clothing, apparently, there is a push to stop covering their penises. I guess sleeveless doesn’t sound so bad after all.

3 thoughts on “Sleeveless

  1. Sewbussted

    Some years ago, my husband called and said we had been invited to a formal affair. He told me to go buy a gown. After a few hours in the store, I began to have a panic attack as I wasn’t finding anything. I left the store, went to the fabric store, bought fabric and went home and made something in less than 24hours. I feel your pain, a sewist just can’t be in such a restrictive situation 🙂
    I have noticed lots of people going sleeveless in the winter and just didn’t understand. I get too cold to go without sleeves.

  2. Karen

    I saw that line of men’s “clothing” with their manhoods hanging out… crazy! That is one way to get your name out there as a designer, I guess???

  3. Nancy

    I don’t understand sleeveless dresses for winter wear either, but that is almost all that is in the stores. It’s too cold to go sleeveless and I don’t always want to wear a jacket or sweater over my dress. Glad that I can sew!

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