It Came!

01-magazineThe Finnish magazine that I ordered, Kotiliesi Käsityö, arrived in the mail yesterday. This magazine is new to me so I couldn’t wait to see what was inside! 

So what do you get with this craft magazine? Of course I can’t translate the articles, but there is some great ‘eye candy’ with trendstyle reports and the photos of the projects look very much like an issue of a fashion magazine. The 1/15 issue has 64 knitting patterns – some of which really make me wish I could knit… I could totally use a pair of nubby socks and a few of the cute sweaters (this also appears to be a bridal issue so there are several wedding accessories included as well as children’sbaby’s knits). There are only 6 sewing patterns in this magazine, but it was the 8 that made me want to give it a try. Although I’m not intending on 01-patternssewing a bridal gown anytime soon, I can totally see this as a prom dress (if we can’t find one this year ‘off the rack’) and I adore the workout clothing designed by Named Clothing.

The patterns themselves are very much like every other sewing magazine – you must trace the item you want to make off the ‘road map’ that is the pattern sheet… I am still trying to determine if seam allowances and hems are included, though. Sizing for each pattern ranges from small (bust 30″, waist 23″, hips 33″) to XL (bust 46″, waist 39″, hips 48.8″) so there’s quit a bit of range included.

As for instructions, there are no illustrations (aside from the pattern piecescutting layout) – just text… and it’s in Finnish…. so you’ll either have to attempt using translation software or muddle your way through the sewing process. In all fairness, most of the patterns are fairly easy to figure out so construction looks to be pretty straightforward. I’m very excited to give this issue a try!

For those that are interested in ordering this (or other issues) you will need to send an email to with your shipping information. They will invoice you (roughly 14 Euros) a bill with your magazine.