A Big Haul

01-ikeaThe ‘long weekend’ brought lots and lots of things – mostly fabric!

I had my first experience at an IKEA this weekend and all I bought was this fabric! I couldn’t resist – I’m totally attracted to face prints plus it’s wonderfully colorful and a great home decor weight. I’m thinking this will make a fabulous statement bag, I just need to find the right pattern that shows off the print.

My order from Girl Charlee arrived yesterday as well. I have always wanted to get on on a bargain lot sale and since I already had to make an order, I tried to time it so I might get one (this was a first quality lot, too). Ever wanted to know what you get? Here’s what was in my bundle (all are one yard cuts):

01-bundleThe top row are all cotton jerseys… I love this entire row. For me, this is what made the entire purchase worth it. The second row are all French terry. I’m not as wild about the prints in this row, so some may become ‘muslin’ material. I did wind up with two cuts of the pink floral print which may eventually become a springy hoodie. The last row is a mix of materials. The first three are lycra spandex (?) and could easily work for swimwear (I have two cuts of the brown polka dot that I have no idea what to do with), the next two are very soft burnout (It might make a nice Oslo, but I have already bought new material for that… see below), there is also a yard of white fleece (yuck), and a thin mystery knit that has very little stretch. Overall, totally worth the price I paid (which comes out to $2/yard)!

I also purchased some ‘by the yard’ fabrics for a few upcoming projects:

01-fabrics1The material on the far left is the main reason I made a purchase to begin with – stretch pleather! This will become sleeves on a shirt that Taylor has asked me to make. The next is a charcoal knit that is a fairly close match to the sweatshirt material I have already started embroidery on (they will eventually become a High Five Hoodie). The next is a grayteal sweater knit that is destined to become another Oslo, a fun knit plaid that is either going to be a pair of leggings or a new shirt, and lastly a bit of stretch denim (no project intended so far).

Whew, all this fabric means that I’m going to be one very busy lady! Lets just hope I don’t get ahead of myself in projects and can’t find the time to work everything in!

2 thoughts on “A Big Haul

  1. Rhonda

    I’m so bummed!! I just went to the Ikea website and they don’t sell their fabric online. Such a pity, they have so many wonderful pieces. Then again, maybe, lucky for me 😉 I do want that faces fabric though.

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