Cowboy Gear

01-cowboyAlright, I’ll admit it, when you look at the photo it’s hard to recognize what you’re seeing…. but when it’s on, it’s a lot easier to tell it’s cowboy gear.

In just a few weeks, Easton has a program where everyone is supposed to dress up like either a farmer or cowboy (no hats allowed, though). Easton picked a cowboy – so it was either a trip to the Western store or to whip something up. I chose the latter.

For whatever reason, cowboy attire is hard to find so for the second time in a row, I made McCall 2851 (I previously made this pattern when Easton was in preschool). This pattern is extremely easy to sew (in fact if you go with a faux leather or suede you only have 3 seams for the entire garment to stitch), but really lacks finishing details and the vest is always WAY too short, IMHO… but the ‘chaps’ sell this pattern for me.

This time around I made a cow print vest (found in the costume section of the fabric store) and used the same material to line it. The chaps are made from a microsuede material – they look great, but unfortunately ravel like mad after you wear them once… fortunately, Easton only has to wear this get up once!


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