I have a couple of friends that have decided to become Jamberry Nail consultants. Aside from doing a few online parties, they occasionally do vendor eventsshows… and miniature riceheating bags are apparently ‘a thing’ (for a lot of these wraps you have to heat up the product before applying. You can heat these little bags up for 20-30 seconds, they stay warm, and look cute!). Two ladies asked me to make 100 bags – and like a crazy lady, I agreed!



This was a great little scrapbuster project, but took far more time that what I thought it would (now looking back 100 is a lot!) and they used a lot of rice (somewhere between 8.5-9 lbs. of rice). I’m anxious to see how these work out and which bags seem to draw the most interest. I haven’t even delivered these yet and I’m already getting interest for more – so keep an eye out for these in the future. I’m thinking they might even make great little hand warmers, too!

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