Back to the Drawing Board

01-trifectaRecently, my daughter made a request for me to make a shirt: a long sleeved, raglan style tee with camo fabric for the body, “leather sleeves”, and a tiny pocket. No problem, right? I purchased a yard of camouflage kit and figured that I would use the remnant stretch pleather from my Wallis pant for the rest. As for the pattern, Kitchycoo’s Trifecta Top seemed like a perfect match (and it gave me the perfect excuse to finally try it out).

After taping everything together, tracing off the pieces I need, and making a few adjustments, I discovered….. I don’t have enough pleather for the sleeves. Boo. I am trying to avoid spending a small fortune on a piece of stretch pleather because I am fairly certain she’s only going to wear this a few times and am leaning toward this one from Girl Charlee – anyone have any experience with it? Speaking of Girl Charlee, did anyone get a December Bundle from them? I was so very tempted and would love to see what everyone got!