The Oslo

01-oslodoneSewing for 2015 is officially underway with the completion of my first project of the year – The Oslo Cardigan! This was a great way to start – not only was it a fun and easy sew, the fit is great and the fabric was fabulous to work with.

This was my first experience with a pattern from Seamwork Magazine and I have to say, I’m totally impressed. All the patterns are geared toward the beginner (there’s not a lot of pieces to work with, predominately straight seams, and detailed instructionsillustrations to help with each step) and can be sewn in two hours or less but still with fashionable results. Keep in mind that these projects take 2 hours or less to sew – that doesn’t include putting the PDF together – which probably took me as long or longer than the actual cardigan construction.

Speaking of construction, I did make a few changes. First off, I skipped the buttons . The material I chose is fairly lightweight and somewhat ‘airy’ so I didn’t think that it would support them well. It doesn’t call for it in the instructions, but if you do decide to add buttons to your cardigan, I would recommend adding a bit of interfacing to the wrong side of the material before you attach the collar piece to give the fabric a bit more support and keep the buttonhole from stretching out of shape. Secondly, I waited to sew down the hem until I attached the collar piece to the jacket: When sewing the collar, I folded up the hem (covering the collar), stitched, then folded back the hem and stitched it in place. This made a very smooth, professional looking finish to the cardigan – the tip is very much appreciated Melissa!