Get Your Finn Hat On!

12-finnhatThe Cartoon Network has a clever way of marketing their Adventure Time products to kids – a catchy little song comes on about 5 minutes before the show starts (you can view it in the link) where every popular character from their channel is wears a Finn Hat. Right before Christmas, Easton started asking me to make one, but because I was still sewing for the holidays, I never got around to it…. until this weekend. In comes my Adventure Time Crafts book to the rescue (you might remember this title from the cool little pearler bead coasters Easton and I made)!

My only chief complaint about this project is that you have to enlarge (250%) the pattern pieces…. I hate using a photocopier to try to blow everything up – I generally waste tons of paper trying to maneuver the book around to get all the pieces oriented in the right direction. After about 20 minutes of fiddling with everything I was ready to cut into my fabric. I used 3/8 of a yard of microfleece for the exterior and 3/8 of premium felt (it is much thicker and looked less likely to pop a hole during repeated wear) for the lining and found that I could get two Finn hats from this yardage (you might need a bit more for the Fionnas since her ears are much larger).

I did make a few changes in sewing this one up. First off, I left an opening in the back lining for turning – I thought it would be less conspicuous than leaving an opening in the back. I also machine stitched the ears (this was definitely a bit tight and more difficult to do, but I thought it would look nicer since my hand stitching is awful and be a bit sturdier over time) and the Velcro (why in the world would you want to hot glue it?). The instructions did not give a seam allowance for this projects that I could find, so I went with 1/4″.

As you can see, Easton’s new Finn hat is a hit (and for a total cost of $3.80!)…. Now he’s asking for a backpack. Good thing I have instructions for that too!