The Wallis

12-wallisdoneRecently, Style ARC has begun turning some of their patterns into PDFs and uploading them on to their Etsy store – this may cause me to go broke! While I would still prefer to buy ‘paper patterns’ for the more complex designs, I’m definitely all over the simpler styles. Not only do you get 3 sizes this way, but it’s definitely instant gratification!

This past week, I decided that I needed the Wallis Pant and had the perfect materials on hand to make it. I used a remnant stretch pleather from Gorgeous Fabrics from last year’s Sweatshirt Knockoff project for the front panels and a beefier black interlock for the rest of the pants. While ponte is the suggested material for this style (and I agree it would look fabulous), I opted for the interlock solely because of the amount of stretch it had – while the pleather has stretch to it, I didn’t feel it would have enough give when paired up with the other material I had on hand.

In the end, I wound up more of a schmancy legging than a pant, but I still love the end result. I’d like to pair this up with a cute cardi, a glittery top, and a pair of boots for a fun evening look. Not only was this a quick and easy sew (from purchasing the pattern, taping it together, cutting, and sewing I was done in a day), the fit is spot on – I’d definitely make this one again!

Pattern: Style ARC‘s Wallis Pant

Fabric: Black pleather from Gorgeous Fabrics & remnant interlock from stash

Total Cost:

Pattern….. $7.61
Fabric……. stash
Notions…. stash

Total $26.38