Men’s PJ Pants

12-bretpjI will be the first to admit, this picture is far from exciting…. But, another pair of pajama pants are in the can! This is another version of the Hit The Hay pattern I made last week.

This time around I made a Walk Dead print pjs with pockets and a long length (with an extra 1″ added to that). He also wanted them lower rise (because way too many pants come up above your belly button) so I did the same ‘trick’ as what I did to mine where I skipped the contrast waistband and just folded over the main fabric to create a casing for the elastic – I don’t think it worked as well with his because in the end they seem way lower that what I anticipated. He also wasn’t a fan fan of the leg width – he said they are too bell bottomy for his taste. So this pattern isn’t quit a winner for him – in the future I’ll probably go back to my tried and true favorite, McCall 3019.