It’s All In The Mix

11-cookiemixI will shamefully admit that today’s post was delayed by a bit of online shopping and some dabbling in the kitchen for pre-Thanksgiving preparations. Speaking of dabbling in the kitchen… I whipped up my last (yes, I’m serious this time) gift for my Stocking Swap partner…. a Harry Potter themed Butterbeer Cookie Mix. This was something she had on her Pinterest and it sounded yummy (it’s got to be good, it has butterscotch pudding in the mix) so I went for it. I was missing some of my cute paper labels that I used for last year’s jarred cookie mixes so I was left with a removable chalkboard style which looks, ‘meh’ (although I think the Tula Pink Apothecary Jar fabric on the top ties in well to the theme). Now all that’s left to do is wrap and send out…. and of course partake in lots of baking today. What is everyone else up to today?