Lip Balm Cozy

11-lipcozyIf you’re ever looking for a quick little stocking stuffer to make, these Kool-aid Lip Balms are the way to go (plus they smell really good too)! One one thing about them, though, is that they kind of look sort of plainlost when you set them next to the other goodies that might be in your stocking…. so, I made it a ‘cozy’. Yes, I know I said that I was almost done with my Stocking Swap partner’s package, but I really couldn’t resist making this item a bit more fun.

I’m sure there is a tutorial out there for something similar, but, once again, I just ‘winged’ this one. I constructed it very similarly to the Pocket Tissue Cozy instructions floating around on the internet except I added a tiny D-ring (so you an attach it to a key chain if desired and my ‘flaps’ overlap some so that the little pot doesn’t fall out when you carry it around (I would also like to add that it is square when flat, but when you put the container inside, it will distort out of shape, I made it pretty snug). I have one last (yes, I mean it this time!) item to put together and then I’ll start wrapping everything up…. then it’s time to move onto Christmas gifts for friends and family!