The Indiscreet Bag

11-bagAs I was putting some ‘finishing touches’ to my Stocking Swap partner’s package, I decided that it was looking a little puny. While I’m trying very hard to keep it ‘medium’ sized (I have a tendency to go way overboard), I still thought it looked like it was missing something. So, I went back to her Pinterest board and found more inspiration. That’s when I decided to make a not so discrete feminine product¬†pouch.

I totally winged this – meaning I really didn’t think it through as to how I was going to construct this pouch…. Consequently, if I had to do it over again, I’m pretty sure that I would sew¬†it differently (I made it much harder than what it needed to be, IMHO). With that said, it’s a pretty fun bag – I had a chance to use the lettering on my embroidery machine and I like how the skull and crossbones peeks out when you unzip it.