Mini Mug Rug

10-mugHot off the heals of last week’s Christmas stocking are goodies to fill it! Since I don’t really have a ‘theme’ with this stocking swap, I’m just trying to make a lot of my items ‘work together’ (keeping in the same color family or same ‘feel’ as the stocking). The panel I used for the stocking came with quite a few appliques so I used one of them (the hot chocolate) to make a coaster… I would have gone with a whole mug rug, but they appliques are pretty small and would get lost in something larger. My only regret is ‘over quilting’ this coaster because it lost quite a bit of it’s loft after I was finished.

Now to nap some Christmas coffee (maybe some candy too) to put inside the mug and I think I’m set with this stuffer!