Fabrics In

10-fabricsIt’s been awhile since I’ve made a ‘big’ fabric purchase, but I couldn’t resist picking up a few prints for fallwinter sewing recently.

I can honestly say, I have no idea how to use the mustache material, other than underwear (this was a request from Easton after seeing these during back to school shopping – I told him I refused to pay $7 for a pair of kids boxer briefs), but the rest will undoubtedly become shirts and a hoodie (for the sweatshirt fleece).  The stripe is also not quite what I expected – it is far thinner than what I wanted so I may have to re-think how I will use this without making it look like I’m wearing prison stripes! Now, back to some holiday sewing before I become too distracted to work on some of the projects I have lined up…. I am finding one is taking far longer to work on that what I envisioned and am quickly losing interest in it!