Panel Transformation

10-golfWhew, what a busy few weeks this has been! The past week has been full of…. golf! While I don’t really play myself, my oldest does and qualified for state again this year (it was a four-peat!). State was held yesterday which is why there was no post yesterday…. but I’m back at it today!

Since this past week has been full of lots of activities, I haven’t had as much opportunity to spend with my sewing machine. I did, however, work on my swap partner’s Christmas stocking!

After looking at her Pinterest, I had several ideas of what I wanted to do. Fortunately, one of them included a Moda stocking panel that I had purchased last year from and never used (it’s now on clearance, so grab it while you can).

10-stockingTo give the stocking a bit more interest, I made several modifications to the directions that were included on the panel (it also changed from a ‘quick and easy’ style stocking to a lot more labor intensive!):

  • I made the appliques ‘dimensional’. I roughly cut out the printed applique I wanted and made a ‘fabric sandwich’ (the applique image, batting, and plain white fabric) and sewed around the edges of the design, then cut it close to my stitching. I then sewed it to the stocking (the leaves are only sewn at the bottom edge so they can ‘hang free’ in places).
  • I added a name. I used the lettering on my embroidery machine to stitch out my partner’s name. I also gave this some dimension (as described above) so it seemed to match everything else.
  • Since this panel looks like it was pieced together, I added faux quilting to give it some texture. To do this I sandwiched some batting between the printed panels and a lining, quilted it, then cut off the excess material.

I have to admit, I really like the way it turned out – especially for a panel! Since there is another stocking design included in this, I may eventually give the other one a try (skipping the applique and going with more quilting).