The Anima

10-animaYou probably already know that I’m a big Papercut Patterns fan – so many of their (more casual) designs really call to me. On pattern that I never picked up from their last collection was the Anima Pant – so when they put their patterns on sale recently, I decided to order it. I determined that I wanted to stay away from bulky fabrics with this one (because I don’t want to look bulky when I wear it), I went with a two-tone jersey (almost a slubbed knit) for the pants themselves and black ribbed knit for contrasting waist and leg cuffs…. I thought I would look trendy. Instead, I decided that this Anima didn’t work for me – but they looked fantastic on my daughter!

As for the pattern itself, I had some issues:

  • The pattern has a mock fly. I don’t really see the need for this because it’s small and doesn’t really add anything to the design, IMHO. Next time, I’d leave this off.
  • I DETEST the waistband construction. They took a simple pant design and made it 10x more complicated than what it needed to be. Next time, I’m simplifying it to speed up the sewing process and make it look neater on the inside (because this version is a hot mess).*
  • The drawstring isn’t really necessary since there is elastic on the inside already. For this version, I made a ‘faux drawstring’ – I just laced it through the two front buttonholes and tied it.

* The current waistband is is constructed by attaching the waistband piece to the pants, then attaching the elastic to the other side of the waistband, folding over to the wrong side and top stitching it to the pant. If found that the 2″ elastic that this pattern calls for doesn’t have a lot of ‘give’ so folding it over and top stitching is pretty difficult. Instead, I think I would use a slightly smaller (1 1/2″) knit elastic that has more give and insert that into the waistband like a casing.

Pattern: PaperCut Pattern’s Anima Pant


Fabric: Two Tone Jersey & Black Rib Knit from Joann’s
(not pictured)

Total Cost:

Pattern….. $11.30
Fabric……. $17.22
Notions…. $2.99

Total Cost $31.51

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  1. Stephanie

    Wow! I can’t believe how grown up she is!! I guess I haven’t seen you post a pic of Taylor in a while. I feel like we’ve watched her grow up on this blog! You must be very proud! She is beautiful!!

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