Go To Knit Pants

20140814_101335~2Picking up where we left off last week… today’s post is all about the final pattern in the 8 Days a Week¬†collection: ¬†The Go To Knit Pants. This versatile pattern has not one, not two, but three different looks included – A legging, cropped lounge pants (with pockets), and pair of straight legged pants. I started off by making a pair of leggings and as you can see, I’m jumping for joy at how comfy (and fun – it’s a funky cat print) they feel. Leggings have become a new wardrobe staple.

I also stitched up a pair of the straight legged pants (not shown) in a slinky knit that I’ve been hording in my stash. It’s currently hanging in my closet ¬†awaiting hemming (you should always allow your slinky to hang a few days after sewing to make sure that it doesn’t ‘grow’ – the only downside to slinky, IMHO), but I have to admit, they are very flattering to the backside. I love the look so much, I purchased a bunch of solid colored knits to make more. I’ll be sure to post my progress on all my new pants very soon!

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4 thoughts on “Go To Knit Pants

  1. Kirsten D

    What kind of knit did you buy for the straight leg pants? Your really making want to take the plunge and buy the pattern series.

    1. stacy Post author

      I used a slinky for the straight leg pants – they turned out fabulous and gave it a dressycasual look!

  2. Beth K

    I’m assuming the patterns come in pdf form. Do they offer them in printed form? They look like a wonderful set of patterns!

    1. stacy Post author

      They are PDF only. They do give instructions on what pages to print if you’re interested in one design or certain design elements so you’re not printing off tons of pages. They all went together fairly quickly…. or I’m just starting to get used to the PDF format!

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