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National Sewing Month

As many of you already know, September is National Sewing Month. What’s a perfect way to celebrate? Winning prizes, of course! Here’s a few contests, prize draws, and giveaways that you can enter today (I am sure I missed a few as well so if you know of something that didn’t make the list be sure to send me a message!):

Win a Bernina backpack filled with goodies.

Pin you favorite inspirational fall sewing pieces for a chance to win fabric, McCalls patterns, and fashion accessories!

You’ll be able to make appliques in a flash if you win this Sizzix cutter.

Win a cute box full of fabric, notions, and more.

Enter to win one of three, one year subscriptions to Threads Magazine.

Love vintage? There’s great prize packages to be won!

Win a copy of Quilt as You Go.

Enter to win a Singer 4443 machine.

Enter this contest for a chance to win a Bernina 215, a Sizzix, thread books and more!

Win a colorful fabric bundle – perfect for small projects and quilts.

A prize perfect for quilters: batting, DVDs, thread and more!

Enter to win a copy of Sewing School and share the love of sewing with a young one in your life.

I’m Batman

20140831_112313~2Yesterday, the Pink Lake Pullover was released so I can finally show you the tester version that I made for Easton!

For my rendition,I went with an anti-pill fleece for the body of the jacket and a fun Kawaii superhero print interlock for the sleeve cuffs (I went with a ‘standard cuff’ not the thumb hole version), pocket, and inside collar pieces. The pullover went together quickly (think long afternoon) and the fit was spot on… but best of all Easton loved the final look (although the day we took photos it was 98 degrees out and he was HOT – unlike today’s high of 60 where he was pretty comfortable in it).

I can definitely see more of these jackets in our future: it doesn’t take a lot of material and sews up so fast, there’s no excuse not to!

Linky Thursday

Not only can this pincushion go with you when you travel, but it has a handy storage place for your thread and notions!

In a little over a week, fall will officially begin. Kick off the season with a new handbag.

This simple peasant dress is a perfect look for fall.

If you made Melly Sew’s boxers from last week’s Linky Thursday, then you’ll definitely want to check out the companion Bias Trim Tank Top that goes with it.

I am going to admit that I had no idea chickens could wear ‘clothes’ (although I didn’t know you could give chickens baths until our state fair this year either). Learn why you would put a chicken in an apron and learn how to make one. I need to forward this on to some people I know.

Stitch up a pretty ruched sleeve top – a perfect transitional piece for fall!

Too hot and need a cool pillow? Too cold and need a plush warm cushion to sleep on? This pillow has you covered.

Is your make up in need of a new bag? Create a handled version with laminate lining or a simpler version with a fun shape (or both) to stash your necessities.

Get ready for Halloween with this Witchy hat!

When I see this softie, I want to sing to myself, “You are my sunshine”. This ‘taggie’ style toy does too.

I may live in these comfy lounge pants all winter long.


09-waddersTypically, I have a million sewing project ideas rambling around in my head at one time. Every once in awhile, I pull one out and bring it to life. Unfortunately as much as I mull over the construction in my head, I wind up making a prototype of my concept to make sure it ‘works out’. Much like a muslin, I make a mock-up (or three or four) for the tutorials I write to make sure that everything is the right sizeshapelook I’m after – however, unlike a muslin a lot of the prototypes come out wadders.

Yesterday was a prototype kind of day. I’m so close to having this one down and am very, very excited to see it pull together. I also learned that silky bobbin thread is a bad idea for embroidery with my machine… what a waste of money!


Vintage Bomber Color Blocked

09-bomberToday I am…. spending my morning cutting out a second Zee’s Tee.  After rummaging through numerous t-shirts (and discovering that either the logo is too large for the style I want to make, I have no solid fabrics that would match the shirt design, or the shirt is much too small for the pattern piece) I finally settle on a Vintage Bomber print that I’ve been holding onto for quite some time.

I have to admit, I’m really unsure how this style is going to turn out – as much as I love color blocking, I feel like I’m not adept and mashing up materials that would work together well. Worst case scenario? Easton has a new sleep shirt to wear to bed!

Monday, Already?

09-bindingSince school has started, the weekends seem to go much too fast. This particular weekend I took a break from sewing and instead took my oldest for senior pictures, sent the youngest off to his first soccer game of the season, and ate a wide variety of fried foods at the state fair. I did, however, make a bit of my own bias binding for an upcoming project – as much as I complain about making my own, it certainly does personalize the project just a bit more!

As promised, if you played along with the “Two Truths, One Lie” post from last week, here are the answers:

1. True: Our house sat next to Tanganyika Wildlife Park so you could often see elk, zebras, and giraffes from our front window (unfortunately, as our neighborhood developed more, you couldn’t see it any more). If you listened closely and there was low traffic noise, you could even hear the monkeys screaming at each other.

2. False:  We do live in the midwest, but sadly have never been out of the country. One day – especially if we win the Powerball!

3. True: It’s probably still true today – if someone offered me a job on SNL I’d take it (even though the show isn’t as hilarious as what it once was)!


Happy Friday

09-christmasI know that there are still 110 days until Christmas, but when it comes to tutorial writing, the holidays arrive early! This week I cracked out the decorations for a little “photo shoot” – now I’m in the mood to make some gifts…. Has anyone else started their Christmas craftingsewing yet? What’s on your to do list?

I was also nominated by Bird and Bicycle to do the fun meme going around “Two Truths, One Lie” – you get to read the following and try to figure out which one is the lie. Here we go!

  1. The last house we lived in, we could occasionally see giraffes from our back yard.
  2. After college, I spent several months in Europe traveling before settling on living in the Midwest.
  3. While growing up, I secretly wanted to be a regular on Saturday Night Live.

What’s your guess? (Answer to be revealed on Monday’s post).


Linky Thursday

Baskets are ‘out’ for boys, so what can they carry their treasures in instead? How about this fabulous messenger bag that fits on the front bike frame?

There’s nothing better than a great pair of lounge shorts. I think I could live in these pajama shorts by Melly Sews. Looking for something a bit smaller? Try this ruffled boxer version for girls.

Kids still stuck on Frozen? This Olaf inspired costume is perfect for little ones!

I love aprons and Halloween so it only makes sense that I should whip up one of these Wicked Halloween Aprons, right?

For the owl lover in your life: adorable sock owls!

This pincushion isn’t just pretty, it looks large enough to hold a ton of pins!

Perfect for summer, but great for fall (with a great cardigan), the Ayza dress is a great transitional dress.

With school back in session for almost everyone, chances are you’re pinning projects to complete while the kids are gone. While you’re at it, enter Bernina’s Pin It To Win It contest to nab a bag full of goodies!

I love zippered bags (because I tend to sling my purse around and things fall out) – this zippered top tote is the perfect size and a great look for fall.

If you’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy, you’ll understand why dancing Groot is such a hit. Make one for yourself (crochet, sorry no sewing patterns, yet) with this free tutorial.

Is your little girl asking you to make a My Little Pony costume this Halloween? Problem solved – this multipart tutorial (scroll down to the bottom for all the links) will show you how.

It still may be summer, but some parts of the US are already seeing snow! Get ready for winter and stitch up a cowl capelet.


09-giftsThe best thing about sewing is being able to show up with original gifts. It just so happened that our last ‘girl’s afternoon’ landed on a friend’s birthday, one mom had recently had another child, and baby is very close to arriving…. so I armed myself with gifts!

I filled a box bag with pretty smelling bath supplies and brought burp rag sets (you know, the super absorbent version made from a diaper and a pretty strip of fabric in the middle) for the newborns. Each of these gifts were made in about an hour – so they’re quick to whip up, but best of all they’ll be well loved by their recipients. What’s your favorite gift to make?


Kawaii Superheros

09-kawaiiFor those of us who live in the US and Canada, Monday was a holiday… and there’s nothing like a 3-day weekend to rejuvenate your system!

I will admit, I was not very productive over Labor Day (at least on the sewing front), but I did manage to do another pattern test (different designer that previous tests). Not only did I have the chance to try out a fun new pattern, I also cracked into this awesome Kawaii Superhero fabric that I’ve been hoarding….. now I am trying to figure out what to do with it next – funky Comino Top? Superhero Trifecta?

What did everyone else work on over the weekend?